About Me

Hello, my name is TJ. Some background things about me include a love of just about anything electronic and as such I have created a few websites for Acworth Choi Kwang Do as it is my families martial art school. These websites are improving over time as I learn more techniques. At first they were quite basic while the current revision is still basic (no PHP which I would love to change to) but significantly more professional than previous ones. As for my career plan, I am still working out what in the field of IT I want to do. I am taking this class to further my web developing skills for side jobs in the future as well as for fun.

Site Purpose

This site is to allow me to show what I have learned in this Advanced Web Development class. It will also host my lab results along with anything else dealign with this class.

Course Information

This course covers advanced topics on web site and application development that include server side and client technologies, web services and APIs. In this particular semester we will have a focus on single-page web applications and web APIs, which has been the latest trends in modern web application development. Building upon your fundamental web site design and client-side development skills, this course enhance your web development skills at the client side, utilizing jQuery, JSON, and AJAX. You will complete at least one major project upon finishing this course.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Explain modern web application architecture.
  2. Demonstrate use of advanced applications of JavaScript and JavaScript libraries.
  3. Demonstrate use of HTML 5 features including CCS3 and supporting JavaScript APIs.
  4. Apply and integrate AJAX techniques to create asynchronous applications.
  5. Integrate data and services provided as standard web APIs and data formats.

Course features (fall 2016)

  1. Take a project based learning approach. All course work will be driven by a hands-on development project.
  2. Key technologies: AJAX, REST, SPA, JSON, jQuery,
  3. Program with JSON and RESTful web APIs.
  4. Exposure to popular web APIs like Google Books API.
  5. Utilize major SPA user interface design patterns and best practices.
  6. Deploy projects on public commercial grade servers that can be accessed anywhere.